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Shavnabada (Georgian: შავნაბადა) is a mountain and extinct volcano of 2929 m/9507 ft height in southeastern Georgia, some 30 km from the nation’s capital Tbilisi. It is one of the highest mountains of the Abul-Samsari Range, a part of the Lesser Caucasus.

The mountain is notable for a medieval Georgian Orthodox monastery built there in honor of St. George who, according to a local legend, wore a black cloak (Georgian: shavi nabadi, hence the mountain’s name) when leading the army of the king of Georgia in one of the victorious battles. The monastery is known for its rare variety of wine, also called Shavnabada, made by the monks.[1]

"Shavnabada" is also a moniker for the 13th "Shavnabada" Light Infantry Battalion of the Georgian Army which was based at this mountain in the 1990s.


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