Shaun Walker
Shaun Walker in 2005
Born Shaun Walker
Castro Valley, California, U.S.A.
Known for racist, white separatist, homophobic, and a Neo-Nazi

Shaun Walker (born Castro Valley, California in 1968) was the Chairman/CEO of the National Alliance, a White Nationalist organization from April 2005 to July 2006. Currently Walker is writing a book. He served a 32 month prison sentence for Civil Rights violations, which he plead not guilty and is still seeking legal relief.[1]


Walker grew up in Hayward, California. He served in the US Marine Corps from 1986 to 1990 with 2/9 STA Platoon in both a recon team and a Scout/Sniper team, and was honorably discharged at the rank of Corporal. He worked as a plumber in Sacramento, California for 15 months before attending UC San Diego at John Muir College, where he earned a BS in Molecular Biology with a Minor in History in 1997. His professional career in scientific research includes bone-marrow cancer research with trans-genic mice, experimental anergenic drug research for multiple sclerosis (MS) and work in human genomic research for 7-years, during which time he mostly worked in genomic mapping trying to isolate a gene responsible for prostate cancer. He also helped worked on the BRCA-2 gene as well and many other human genes while working with High-Thoughput Sequencing for gene discovery (genomics) using the gene sub-cloning method while living in Utah.

White Nationalism

Walker became racially aware and outspoken in 1983 while attending high school, but never joined any Nazi groups. From 1983 through 1989 Walker had no contact with any race-based groups, but openly discussed political issues from a conservative, far-Right position especially in regards to the race issue. He has written articles for many white nationalist publications starting with Tom Metzger's WAR newspaper in 1989. He also wrote many articles for Instauration,[2] the Bay Aryan,[3] Liberty Bell, National Vanguard magazine, Resistance magazine and Free Speech newspaper.

Walker has always tried to distance himself from the label of a White-Supremacist, Nazi (Neo-Nazi), and even racist (to a lesser degree). Walker and much of the racial White population in America does not have one agreed upon label, but both White Nationalist or White Separatist are usually used amongst these people and groups.

In June 1998, Walker joined the National Alliance Internet Response Unit, which was lead by Billy Roper. He was appointed Unit Coordinator (UC) for the Salt Lake City Unit in April 2000 by Pierce. In April 2002, Pierce agreed to hire Walker as a full-time staff member to be the Chief of Staff and the Membership Coordinator. Walker was scheduled to move to the office in West Virginia by November 2002, but Pierce's death in July due to cancer altered his plans. In September 2002, shortly after the death of Dr. Pierce on July 23 of 2002, he was appointed as the Western States Regional Coordinator by Erich Gliebe, new chairman of the National Alliance. In June 2003, he moved to West Virginia and was appointed Chief Operating Officer. In April 2005, Walker was appointed Chief Executive Officer of National Vanguard Books, Resistance Records and Chairman of the Board for the National Alliance by then CEO [(Erich Gliebe)]. Walker worked full-time at their rural "National Office" near Hillsboro, West Virginia for 3-years.

On June 8, 2006, Walker was arrested outside of Marlinton, WV in the ChicInn parking lot by the FBI, Federal Marshals, West Virginia state troopers and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTF is a division of the FBI). The JTF was unable to involve itself in the legal matter and had no further role to play other than sending 2 JTF employees to the 2007 trial posing as loud, obnoxious skinheads which caused the only courtroom disturbance during the trial.

Television appearances and speeches abroad

Walker appeared in a documentary film about "White Power Music" produced by Scottish TV, which aired in America on the Discovery Times channel in 2005, the documentary film Protocols of Zion produced by Blowback Productions as well as the John Walsh show in 2003. He has been interviewed on many radio programs as well as appearing on several TV interviews, almost always to discuss the topic of race in America. He last appeared on TV during an April, 2006 CNN interview. He has been interviewed by approximately 300 newspapers during the 3-years he was the official spokesman for the National Alliance.

He has traveled to Europe to attend meetings by many different white nationalist groups and has been a guest speaker for the National Democratic Party of Germany in 2003 and 2006, and Nordisk Freiheit in Sweden in 2006. Walker attended the Red, White and Blue festival in England hosted by the British National Party in 2003. He also traveled to Russia and Greece in 2004 where he spoke to the Greek political group Golden Dawn.

Arrest and conviction

Walker was arrested in 2006 in Marlinton, West Virginia and charged with Conspiracy: Civil Rights violation and Aiding and Abetting a federally protected act stemming from a fist-fight at O'Shucks in Salt Lake City in 2002. Walker resigned his position as CEO while in a West Virginia jail a few days after being arrested, but retained his position as Chairman. Shaun Walker consulted with the National Alliance's Board of Directors in July 2006 from jail when he reappointed Gliebe as the CEO and Patrick Martin as the COO, but all other direction he tried to give were ignored. Walker was placed under a no-contact (gag) order while awaiting trial. Since June 2006, Gliebe has resumed leadership of the National Alliance. Walker had a falling out with both CEO Gliebe and COO Martin during his absence. Also, with the conviction he resigned both his Chairmanship and membership in April 2007. This again was done from jail after the 4-day trial in Salt Lake City.

Before his arrest, Walker, Massey and Egbert had been indicted by a federal grand jury for violating civil rights laws.[4] In the indictment he was charged, along with two others, with attacking a Mexican-American male and an individual of Native American heritage with the intent "to provoke and engage in arguments and fights with persons perceived to be 'non-white' in order to make them afraid to appear in public, work and live in and around Salt Lake City" from December 2002 through March 2003.[4]

On the 20th of April 2007, Walker and two co-defendants were convicted by a federal jury in Salt Lake City of charges stemming from racially motivated fistfights at two bars in 2002 and 2003. During the trial, prosecutors argued that the beatings were part of a plan to intimidate non-whites in Salt Lake City. Walker, Travis Massey, the former Utah Unit Coordinator for the NA, and a third man, Eric Egbert, were convicted of assaulting a Mexican-American man in 2002, and a Native American (Aiding and Abetting Keith Cotter who started both fights). Also of conspiracy to interfere with the civil rights of individuals based on their race. Walker was sentenced to 87 months in prison for his two count conviction and a $5,000 fine.[5] Travis Massey was sentenced to 57-months and Eric Egbert to 42-months. Neither received a fine.


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