Shared is a character from the Book of Mormon. In the Book of Ether, Shared is known for raising a rebellion against Coriantumr, king over the Jaredites. Shared briefly succeeded in bringing Coriantumr into captivity, but was soon overthrown by the sons of Coriantumr. Restored to the throne, Coriantumr pursued Shared with a vengeance, and brought his forces to battle against him in the Valley of Gilgal. The battle lasted three days, until Shared was forced to flee to the plains of Heshlon. Coriantumr again battled him there, until Shared achieved the upper hand, and Coriantumr was forced to flee back to the valley of Gilgal. Shared again brought his army to battle, only to meet his demise in the valley. His army was defeated, and Shared was slain by Coriantumr.[1] His brother, Gilead, would later overthrow Coriantumr and continue the battle that Shared began.

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