Shaqib al-Salam
Location segev shalom
District South
Government Local council
Hebrew שֶׂגֶב שָׁלוֹם
Arabic شقيب السلام
Also spelled Segev Shalom (officially)

Shaqeeb as-Salaam (unofficially)

Population 6,500[1] (2006)
Area 5981 dunams (5.981 km2; 2.309 sq mi)
Head of municipality 'Amr Abu Ma'amar

Shaqib al-Salam or Segev Shalom (Arabic: شقيب السلام‎, Hebrew: שֶׂגֶב שָׁלוֹם‎) is a Bedouin town and a local council in the South District of Israel, southeast of Beersheba.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the population of Shaqib was 6,500 in December 2006.[1] Its jurisdiction is 5,981 dunams (~6 km²).[2]

Shaqib was founded in 1979 as part of a government project to settle Bedouins in permanent settlements, and declared a local council in 1996. Most residents belong to various clans of the al-Azzama tribe which also populates Bir Hadaj.

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Coordinates: 31°12′17″N 34°50′20″E / 31.20472°N 34.83889°E / 31.20472; 34.83889

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