The Monastery

The stauropegial Convent of St. Ambrose and Our Lady of Kazan (Казанская Амвросиевская ставропигиальная женская пустынь, Kazanskaya Amvrosiyevskaya stavropigial'naya zhenskaya pustyn') is a Russian Orthodox convent in the village of Shamordino, Kaluga Oblast, Russia. It was founded near the village of Shamordino in 1884 with the blessing of Saint Ambrose of Optina. It is located on the Serena River, 12 km (7.5 miles) from Optina Monastery.


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Coordinates: 54°09′36″N 35°52′05″E / 54.16000001°N 35.8680555656°E / 54.16000001; 35.8680555656ru:Казанская Амвросиевская пустынь

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