The fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth dynasties of ancient Egypt are often combined under the group title, Second Intermediate Period. The seventeenth dynasty dates approximately from 1580 to 1550 BCE.[1]


Known rulers of the seventeenth dynasty are as follows:[1]

Seventeenth Dynasty
Name Dates
Rahotep Sekhemrewahkhaw Unknown
Sobekemsaf I Sekhemreshedtawy Unknown
Intef VI Sekhemrewepmaat Unknown
Intef VII Nebkheperre Unknown
Intef VIII Sekhemreherhermaat Unknown
Sobekemsaf II Sekhemrewadjkhaw 7 years
Senakhtenre Tao I 1 year
Seqenenre Tao II c. 1560 4 years
Kamose 1555 to 1550 BCE 5 years

The seventeenth dynasty covers a period of time when Egypt was split into a set of small Hyksos-ruled kingdoms. It is mainly Theban rulers contemporary with the fifteenth and sixteenth dynasties.

The last two kings of the dynasty opposed the Hyksos rule over Egypt and initiated a war that would rid Egypt of the Hyksos kings and began a period of unified rule, the New Kingdom.

Kamose the second son of Tao II the Brave was the brother of Ahmose I, the first king of the eighteenth dynasty.


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