The Servants of the Blessed Sacrament is a Roman Catholic contemplative, but not cloistered, congregation of sisters with a focus on Eucharistic adoration.

It was founded in France in 1858 by Saint Peter Julian Eymard, who was also known as the Apostle of the Eucharist. Sister Marguerite Guillot collaborated with Eymard and became the first superior general for the congregation, which was approved by Pope Pius IX in 1871.

Over the years, the congregation spread outside France and now has houses in Canada, Brazil, Holland, the United States, Australia, Italy, the Philippines, Vietnam and Africa. The houses maintain continuous Eucharistic adoration, but also perform charitable and outreach activities. The congregation's generalate is in Rome, Italy.

This congregation is distinct from the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament which was also formed by Saint Peter Julian Eymard.


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