Serapion (Russian: Серапион) (? - March 16, 1516) was Archbishop of Novgorod the Great and Pskov from 1506 to 1509. He is a saint of the Russian Orthodox Church; his feast day is March 16 by the Julian calendar.

Serapion came from the Moskovy village of Pekhorka (now Pekhra-Pokrovskoye within Balashikha in Moscow Oblast). He took monastic vows in the Dubensk Dormition monastery, where he went on to be Father Superior (Hegumen). He was susequently Hegumen of the Stromyn Dormition monastery (both cloisters were liquidated in the 18th century).

He was Hegumen of the Trinity monastery (now Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra) since 1493.

At the volition of Great Prince Vasily III of Moscow, he was consecrated Archbishop of Novgorod on January 15, 1506.

In July 1509, at the Sobor that considered the conflict between him and Joseph Volotsky (the latter was under Serapion's episcopal jurisdiction but had directly appealed to Simon, Metropolitan of Moscow - an act that Serapion deemed to be anticanonical), Serapion was found guilty, released from the See and exiled to the Andronikov monastery. In 1511, he was freed and spent the rest of his life in the Trinity monastery.

He died on March 16, 1516, having made peace with every one.

After his death, the See of Novgorod remained vacant until 1526.

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