Serafino Vannutelli

Serafino Vannutelli.

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Serafino Vannutelli
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Porto e Santa Rufina (suburbicarian see)

Serafino Vannutelli JUD (November 26, 1834 - August 26, 1915) was an Italian Cardinal, born at Genazzano, where he studied and graduated in philosophy before studying theology in the Capranica College, Rome. After teaching theology at the Pontifical Seminary, he was secretary to the Papal Nuncio in Bavaria.

He crossed the ocean to become auditor to the court of Maximilian in Mexico, and apostolic delegate to Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Central America. He was made Papal Nuncio to Brussels in 1875. His stay in Brussels stopped abruptly when Belgian government broke off the diplomatic relations with the Holy See on June 28, 1880. Still in the same year, Serafino Vannutelli became Papal Nuncio to Vienna.

For the first six months of 1893 he served as Archbishop of Bologna until he was appointed Major Penitentiary. Serafino Vannutelli was created Cardinal-Priest of S. Girolamo dei Croati degli Schiavoni in 1887. From 1899 until his death in 1915 he was Major Penitentiary of Apostolic Penitentiary.

When Cardinal Sarto became Pope Pius X in 1903, it was understood that Cardinal Serafino Vannutelli was the candidate of the Triple Alliance. He was the brother of Cardinal Vincenzo Vannutelli, who was made Cardinal in 1889.

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Francesco Cardinal Battaglini
Archbishop of Bologna
16 January 1893–12 June 1893
Succeeded by
Domenico Cardinal Svampa
Preceded by
Major Penitentiary of Apostolic Penitentiary
20 November 1899–19 August 1915
Succeeded by
Willem Marinus Cardinal van Rossum
Preceded by
Lucido Cardinal Parocchi
Secretary of the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office
16 January 1903–31 December 1908
Succeeded by
Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro
Preceded by
Luigi Cardinal Oreglia di Santo Stefano
Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals
Succeeded by
Vincenzo Cardinal Vannutelli

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