September is the ninth month of the Gregorian, Julian, and Revised Julian calendars. The month is named after the Latin word septem, meaning "seventh," as it was the seventh month of the Old Roman Calendar. It always has thirty days.


  • 01 — Beginning of the Church Year (New Calendarist Eastern Christian)
  • 01 (17 Bhadon) — First Parkash of Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh).
  • 08 — Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary or Nativity of the Theotokos (Western Christian and New Calendarist Eastern Christian)
  • (2nd Sunday in September) — Auditor's Day (Scientologist).
  • 11 (1 Thoout) — Coptic New Year {Coptic Christian): begins year 1722
  • 11 (1 Maskaram) — Enkutatash or Ethiopian New Year (Ethiopian Christian and Rastafarian)
  • 11 (29 August Julian) — Beheading of John the Baptist (Old Calendarist Eastern Christian)
  • 13 (27 Shahrevar) — Paitishahem or Ingathering Festival (Fasli Zoroastrian)
  • 14Holy Cross (Western Christian and New Calendarist Eastern Christian)
  • 14 (1 September Julian) — Beginning of the Church Year (Old Calendarist Eastern Christian)
  • 16 (2 Asu) — Jotijot of Gurus Amar Das and Ramdas Sahib and Gurgardi of Guru Ramdas and Arjun Sahib (Sikh)
  • 18 (4 Asu) — Gurgadi Guru Angad Sahib (Sikh)
  • 21 (8 September Julian) — Nativity of the Theotokos (Old Calendarist Eastern Christian)
  • 22 — Mabon (Pagan): harvest festival.
  • 22 (8 Asu) — Jotijot Guru Nanak Sahib (Sikh)
  • 27 (14 September Julian) — Holy Cross (Old Calendarist Eastern Christian)
  • 29 — St Michael and all Angels (Western Christian)

Preceded by: August

Followed by: October

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