In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, he decided he wanted more, but this time, the answer was no.
  Anger surged through him, and he created an explosion, an explosion so big, it was bred for only one purpose. We now call this explosion, the big bang.
  He opened his eyes, and saw millions of galaxies everywhere. But some thing was missing, it didn't feel right, it felt like he was in a dream. He kicked, or at least tried to. He squirmed, he punched, he screamed at the top of his lungs, but he couldn't wake up, we call this the 5th dimension.
  Planning, he had to plan what he was going to do with this new universe, and that was going to take a long time...
  9 billion years passed, and he had come up with his plan, but he hadn't found a single  life-sustaining planet. Then he found Earth. It was in all the right life-sustaining areas, and it was a decent size. He waited, once again, for 4 billion years, when he saw that he could communicate with multi-cellular organisms. He couldn't talk to them like he could before, but he could through telepathy, or the 5th dimension. He explained his plan to them, and said he would give them a reward unlike any other if they stuck to it.
  And they did. So he rewarded them, with knowledge. He told them about the original 5 senses but only detailing in the sense of touch. The organisms were so fascinated, they evolved and grew a nervous system.
  As they grew, he told them about the other 4, and they evolved into those too. But he didn't tell them about the 6th sense...
  Time passed, but not as much this time, and eventually everyone forgot about the original 7th sense, because they used the other 5 so much.
  Once again, he was angry, but, he was calm, and he decided to punish them, with another gift..
  He told them about the 6th sense, and how it exists in everyone, even as I type this, but how to control it.
  Every living thing caught on, and was fascinated, just like before, but this time they looked not at the person, but at his possessions. They looked at the glass as half empty, and wanted more. 
  Everyone, but the humans. They were smart enough not to turn on each-other, and to write about the 7 sins, and everything that happened. 
  Everything until the meteor came. It struck right down in paradiso(present-day gulf of Mexico). Everything was destroyed, save some humans, fish and all the small mammals and birds that could take refuge from the acid rain.
  All accounts of whatever happened before were destroyed. Everyone tried to forget about what had happened, but in doing so, they forgot about the last 2 senses.
   Time passed, and now, I am the last one who remembers, and I am currently trying to get other people to believe too, what happened.
  Eventually, civilization will fall, and we will all remember, but until then, please, don't forget, and start training yourself how to use the other 2 senses, if I can, you can too.
  Here's how:
  7th sense:When you have dreams at night, you are in your own 5th dimension, where, technically, whatever you do, doesn't effect you outside the dream. Practice communicating with the other beings in the dream, and follow their lead. But most importantly, don't just give up during a nightmare, fight on, and turn it into a good dream.
  6th sense:Do you ever get goosebumps when it's not cold? Do you ever want to just look over your shoulder because you feel like something is watching you? These are ESP warning given off by special hormone glands located in the brain, and you can take advantage of them. Whenever your playing paintball, or airsoft, and you don't know where your opponent is, if you feel that, take advantage and turn about-face as fast as you can, but control it. Don't just spin around uncontrollably, act like a sniper that isn't afraid of being seen.
  Take advantage of these things and teach them to others, and you'll probably survive whatever Armageddon lies in the not-so-distant future.

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