Semi-Arminianism, or "4-point Arminianism" is a school of theology which is predominant in Independent Baptist churches and some other movements. It is a brand of Arminianism that has been popularized by Dave Hunt, Charles Stanley and David Cloud, among others. It is accepted in dispensational churches, particularly in fundamentalist movements.

Semi-Arminianism teaches the following:

  • All people have the ability to either accept Jesus or reject Him by themselves. Some Semi-Arminians say that people receive this ability only when the Gospel is presented to them.
  • God's election is conditional on faith in Jesus. (God predestined people on the basis of foreseen faith)
  • Jesus' atonement was potentially for all people.
  • God allows his grace to be resisted by those unwilling to believe.
  • Salvation cannot be lost, since it is conditional on Jesus' finished work on the cross. However, true Christians can backslide and still retain their salvation. Some even go further and teach that saved people can even reach the point of renouncing their faith.

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