Ignatian spirituality teaches that God is always present in your daily life. It is reassuring to know that God can help you make decisions if you seek his will in your decision making process. God has a will for you and he can reveal it, but you also have to want to know it and intend to do it. After meeting those conditions, the method for making important decisions is as follows: 1) State a proposition, 2) List pros and cons in your mind, 3) Observe will and feelings, 4) Make a tentative decision, 5) Make a final decision.

The sign of God's guidance is what instills feelings of peace, love, and integrity in us. By contrast, feelings of selfishness and vengeance is a sign of the presence and activity of evil, where God is absent. In making the Ignatian examen, you will feel calm and peaceful when you reach the right decision because God has touched your heart. Remember to listen to your heart and not only your head.

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