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Second Nephi is the abbreviated title for the Second Book of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. As with the First Book of Nephi, this book was written by the son of Lehi. The book has a more doctrinal orientation than the First Book of Nephi. The book begins around the years 588 to 570 B.C.

The first five chapters provide a historical account of Lehi's family after their arrival in the promised land. Chapters one through four include Lehi's parting counsel and blessings to his children and grandchildren. Chapter five chronicles the separation among the children of Lehi into two groups afterwards designated as Nephites and Lamanites.

Chapters six through ten contain a record of a sermon or series of sermons delivered by Nephi's brother Jacob about the future coming of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 11 contains commentary by Nephi on Jacob's sermon.

Chapters 12 through 24 contain a transcription of the record of Isaiah as contained on the brass plates described in First Nephi.

Chapters 26-33 contain Nephi's teachings about the mission and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the gathering of Israel in the last days.

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