Second Intifada
Part of the Arab–Israeli conflict and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict
West Bank barrier 0998
Israeli West Bank barrier
Date September 2000 - Unclear
Location West Bank, Gaza Strip, Israel
Result Indecisive
Flag of Israel.svg Israel 22px Fatah

Flag of Hamas Hamas
22px Islamic Jihad
20x20px PFLP
22px Popular Resistance Committees

Israel Ariel Sharon

Israel Avi Dichter
Israel Ehud Barak
Israel Shaul Mofaz
Israel Moshe Ya'alon
Israel Dan Halutz
Israel Gabi Ashkenazi

22px Yasser Arafat

22px Mahmoud Abbas
22px Marwan BarghoutiTemplate:POW
Flag of Hamas Ahmed Yasin Template:KIA
Flag of Hamas Abdel Rantissi Template:KIA
Flag of Hamas Khaled Mashaal
Flag of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh
Flag of Hamas Mohammed Deif
22px Abd Al Aziz Awda
22px Ramadan Abdullah
20x20px Abu Ali Mustafa Template:KIA
20x20px Ahmad Sa'adat Template:POW
22px Abu Samhadana Template:KIA

Casualties and losses
29.09.2000 - 26.12.2008:

1,062 Israelis total:
- 727 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians;
- 335 Israeli security force personnel killed by Palestinians[1]

29.09.2000 - 26.12.2008:

5,500 Palestinians total (4,907 by Israel):
- 4,860 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces;*
- 47 Palestinians killed by Israeli civilians;
- 593 Palestinians killed by Palestinians[1][2]

64 Foreign citizens total:
- 54 Foreign citizens killed by Palestinians;
- 10 Foreign citizens killed by Israeli security forces[1]
*For the controversial issue of the Palestinian civilian/combatant breakdown, see Casualties.

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