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Seats of the Catholicos of Armenians is the list of the seats of the the Catholicos of Armenians

Number Place Year
1 Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Ejmiatsin 301-484/485
2 Dvin 384/385-927
3 Aghtamar Island 927-94
4 Argina 947-992
5 Ani 992-1051
6 Sebastia 1051-1062
7 Tavblur 1062-1065
8 Tsamndav 1066-1090
9 Kesun Karmir Vank 1090-1116
10 Tsovk 1116-1149
11 Hromkla 1149-1292
12 Sis 1293-1441
13 Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Ejmiatsin 1441-present

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