Founded in 1979, in Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam, Israel, the School for Peace is an educational institution offering Jewish-Arab encounter programs. This work aims to promote better understanding through broad, in-depth examination of the nature of relations between Arabs and Jews in Israel.

The SFP conducts seminars, workshops and courses for a variety of target populations:

  • A youth encounter program, bringing together Jewish and Arab high school pupils from around the country for three-day encounter workshops.
  • Graduate study courses in cooperation with various Israeli universities.
  • Encounter activities for professional groups and organisations, which employ the SFP for expert accompaniment.
  • Activities and courses in partnership with organizations in Palestine, and bringing together Israeli and Palestinian professionals, such as teachers and journalists.

The School for Peace is contributing to the development of conflict group facilitation as a profession by conducting yearly in-depth training courses, prakticums in facilitation for graduate students, and ongoing refreshment seminars for practicing facilitators.

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