Sayadaw mean to a Monk in Theravada Buddhism and Gyi refer to using in the term for greatly respect and honorable Nobel person.

But for Novice/ little Monk aren't used the term to call as Sayadaw but instant called as Ko Yin. Ko Yin are actually not a monk hood yet and they maintain Silas not as High as a Monk.

In Buddhism, altogether word Sayadawgyi mean a Highly degree Master Monk that a lot people respect and several followers for his techniques of Teaching ,High level Dhamma and Senior Vipassana Meditation Monk Teachers.

The term Sayadawgyi is usually widely using from Burmese language and from Myanmar but the term Gyi as ,"the Great" in Indian Language too like example as, " Sayargyi"

Sayar also mean and usually use in a Master or lecturer or instructor or High official of the government or Boss or Chief. Sayargyi also used in Headmaster of School. So Sayargyi mean in Buddhism and indian language as , "The Great Master".

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