Saul Goodman (1907-1996) was a Jewish American was a timpanist in the New York Philharmonic orchestra from 1926 to 1972. Goodman learned under the instruction of Alfred Friese, whom he succeeded as principal timpanist in the New York Philharmonic. He also was a member of the faculty at the Juilliard School of Music where he taught many who went on to become timpanists in symphony orchestras around the world. During his career Saul made innovations in drum and mallet construction, including a tuning system for drums and a line of timpani mallets.

Goodman's students include:

  • Bonnie Lynn Adelson, (Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, and Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra) (retired)
  • Gerald Carlyss, Philadelphia Orchestra (retired)
  • Tony Cirone, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (retired)
  • Eugene Espino, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (deceased)
  • Everett "Vic" Firth, Boston Symphony Orchestra (retired)
  • Rick Holmes, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
  • Dick Horowitz, New York Metropolitan Opera
  • William Kraft, Los Angeles Philharmonic (retired)
  • Roland Kohloff, New York Philharmonic (deceased)
  • Jesse Kregal, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Jim Rago, Louisville Orchestra
  • Tom Stubbs, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
  • Jonathan Haas, American Symphony Orchestra
  • Louis Charbonneau, Montreal Symphony Orchestra (retired)
  • Jerry Epperson, Tulsa Philharmonic (1960-1999) (retired)
  • Gary Werdesheim, Florida State University (retired)
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