Sarvodaya High School
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City: Wayanad, Kerala
Country: India
General Information
Type: Secondary school
Founded: 1950
Address & Contact Information
Address: Eachome 670 721
City: Wayanad
State/Province: Kerala
Country: India
Phone: (+91) 04936/286 541

Sarvodaya High School is a Jesuit secondary school located in India in Wayanad, Kerala. It was founded in 1950.

Schools and colleges in Kerala are either run by the government or by private trusts and individuals. The schools are each affiliated with either the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), or the Kerala State Education Board. English is the medium of instruction in most private schools; though government run schools offer both English and Malayalam. After completing their secondary education, which involves ten years of schooling, students typically enroll at Higher Secondary School.

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Contact Information

Eachome 670 721; Wayanad District, Kerala, India.
Tel: 91-04936/286 541

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