Bhai Sango Shah ji, a cousin of Guru Gobind Singh, was the son of Bhai Sadhu, a Khosia Khatri of Malla, in present-day Faridkot district of the Punjab, and Bibi Viro, daughter of Guru Hargobind and elder sister of Guru Tegh Bahadur. As recorded in Guru Gobind Singh's autobiographical poem Bachitar Natak, Sango Shah and his four brothers (Gulab Chand, Jit Mall, Mahri Chand and Ganga Ram) took a heroic part in the battle of Bhangani, near Paonta, now in Himachal Pradesh, fought on 18 September 1688.

Bhai ‘Sango Shah’ Ji was given the title of ‘Shah Sangram’ by Guru Gobind Singh ji. Bhai Shah Sangram Ji (Bhai Sango Shah Ji) was a great warrior. In the Battle of Bhangani, Bhai Sango Shah Ji killed Najaabat Khan. Bhai Sahib was martyred in the same battlefield. His brother Jit Mall was also martyred on the battlefield.

Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji describes the martyrdom of Bhai Sango Shah Ji in these words: -

Maar Nijaabat Khaan Ko, Sango Jujhai Jujhaar. Ha ha Eh Lokai Bhayeo, Surag Lok Jaikaar. 23. (Apani Kathaa, chapter 8, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji).

Rana Sanga (also known as Rana Sangraam Singh) was different to Bhai Sango Shah Ji. Rana Sanga was a great Rajput warrior, who fought very bravely against the Mughal ruler Babur in 1527 AD. Read ‘The Battle of Kanwah’ on this page: - Babur.

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