Samuel I Chatzeres was Patriarch of Constantinople during the late eighteenth century. Patr. Samuel served two terms as patriarch, from 1763 to 1768 and from 1773 to 1774.

Little is known of his life, including activities while patriarch. He recognized the achievements of the scholar and theologian Nikephoros Theotokis, a monk whom he appointed a preacher in the Patriarch's church at the start of Nikephoros' career. Nikephoros would later, in Russia, to be, first, Archbishop of Slaviansk and Kherson and, then, of Astrakhan and Stavropol.

Preceded by:
Joannicus III
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Meletius II
Preceded by:
Theodosius II
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Sophronius II


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