The Samseonghyeol (Korean for “three clans' holes”) are three large holes in the ground in Jeju on Jejudo, an island in the northern East China Sea. The holes are located in the city's urban area on the island's central north coast.


According to legend, it was here that three demigods emerged from the ground to become the founding fathers of Tamna and its people, whose descendants bear their family names:

  1. Ko Eulna (고을나 = 高乙那)
  2. Yang Eulna (양을나 = 良乙那)
  3. Bu Eulna (부을나 = 夫乙那)

According to an animated film shown at a local shrine, a mysterious man later arrived by ship bringing three beautiful princesses who became their wives and taught them agriculture and helped them to develop and populate the island. Eventually the three men shot three arrows from the top of a mountain which landed in three different places on the island, signifying the places of residence for their descendants.


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