Salvador Abascal
Born Salvador Abascal
Died 2000
Known for Politician
Title UNS leader
Term 1940-1941
Successor Torres Bueno
Political party National Synarchist Union
Religion Roman Catholic Church
Children Carlos Abascal
Salvador Abascal (1910–2000) was a Mexican politician and leading exponent of Mexican synarchism.

Born into a landowning family and partly educated at a seminary, Abascal was sympathetic to the Cristeros from an early age. As a result he passed through a variety of Roman Catholic counterrevolutionary organisations during the 1930s. He joined the National Synarchist Union in 1937 and became an organiser in Michoacán, before taking full charge of the movement in 1940 when it was at its peak with 500,000 members. Accused of Nazism by opponents, he officially denounced the system, although he was noted for his anti-Semitism. An unpopular figure with moderates, he was replaced as leader by Torres Bueno in 1941 and left to set up a sinarquista commune in Baja California. This scheme proved unsuccessful, and by 1944, Abascal had been expelled from the sinarquista movement for clashing with its leadership. He returned in 1947 and became something of a grand old figure in the movement, even being considered as a potential candidate for the presidency in 1955 (although he declined the offer). Increasinlgy drawn towards integrism, he set up the publishing house Editorial la Tradition in the late 1970s to produce works on this subject, as well as him memoirs Mis Recuerdos.

His son, Carlos Abascal, was the Secretary of the Interior in the government of Vicente Fox.


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