Salome(a) of Poland (1211/1212 - 1268), also known as Salome(a) of Cracow or Blessed Salome(a) (Polish: Błogosławiona Salomea), (1211-1268) was a Polish princess and from 1215 to 1219 the Queen of Halych by virtue of being the wife of Coloman of Lodomeria.

Salomea was the daughter of Leszek I the White who was Grand Duke of Cracow and thus the head ruler of Poland and his wife Grzymislawa of Luck (or Lutsk). Her marriage to Coloman, who was the son of King Andrew II of Hungary, was negotiated when she was about three.

Since her mother had ancestral connections to the lands of Galicia and both her father and King Andrew wanted to dominate that area, this plan seemed to meet the needs of both parties. The marriage of Salomea and Coloman (who was seven at the time) occurred in 1215. In 1219 their control in Galicia was ended and for a time they were taken as prisoners.

In 1245 she joined the Order of Poor Ladies. Salome was considered saintly and it was at least said that she had preserved her chastity in marriage. She was in 1672 beatified by Pope Clement X. Her tomb is in Kraków (Cracow).


ja:サロメア (福者)

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