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District North
Government Local council
Hebrew סָג'וּר, סאג'ור
Arabic ساجور
Population 3,600 (2006)
Area 3296 dunams (3.296 km2; 1.273 sq mi)
Coordinates 32°55′53.94″N 35°19′10.51″E / 32.93165°N 35.3195861°E / 32.93165; 35.3195861Coordinates: 32°55′53.94″N 35°19′10.51″E / 32.93165°N 35.3195861°E / 32.93165; 35.3195861

Sajur (Hebrew: סָג'וּר‎; Arabic: ساجور‎) is a predominantly Druze town (local council) in the Galilee region of northern Israel, with an area of 3,000 dunams (3 km²). It achieved recognition as an independent local council in 1992. The population is 3,600 (September 2006), with an annual growth rate of 2%.

According to Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, the town had a low ranking (3 out of 10) on the country's socioeconomic index (December 2001). The average salary that year was NIS 3,531 per month, whereas the national average was NIS 6,835.

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