Sajah bint al-Harith ibn Suaeed from tribe of Taghlib she was arab christian protected first by her tribe then cause a split within Banu Tamim and finally defended by Banu Hanifa .[1] After the death of Muhammad, Sajah declared she was a prophetess. Before claiming to be a prophetess, Sajah had a reputation as a soothsayer. Thereafter, 4,000 people gathered around her to march on Medina. Others were forced to join her (against their wills) against Medina. However, her planned attack on Medina was called off after she learnt of Khalid ibn al-Walid’s army defeating Tulaiha al-Asadi (another self-proclaimed prophet). Thereafter, she sought cooperation with Musaylimah to oppose the threat of Khalid. A mutual understanding was initially reached with Musaylimah. However, Sajah later married Musaylimah and accepted his self-declared prophethood. Khalid then crushed the remaining rebellious elements around Sajah, and then moved on to crush Musaylimah. Afterward Battle of Yamama took place where Musaylimah was killed, Sajah then returned to Islam died.

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