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Abbaye aux dames

Abbey of Sainte-Marie-des-Dames

The Abbey of Sainte-Marie-des-Dames (French: Abbaye aux Dames de Saintes) was the first Benedictine abbey for women in Saintes in Charente-Maritime in France. It was founded in 1047 by Geoffrey II, Count of Anjou. One of its abbesses was Agnès de Barbezieux (1134-1174), whose relative, Eleanor of Aquitaine, was a generous donor to the abbey.

Madame de Montespan was educated here.

It is located next to the town's Arch of Germanicus and was classified a monument historique in 1948.

Coordinates: 45°44′41″N 0°37′27″W / 45.74472°N 0.62417°W / 45.74472; -0.62417

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