Saint Conus
Saint Conus
Born End of the XII century, Diano, Italy
Died First half of the XIII century, Cadossa, Italy
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Canonized April 27, 1871 by Pope Pius IX
Feast 3 June
Patronage Teggiano, Italy

Conus was a Benedictine monk. He was born in Diano (Italy) in the late XII century, and became a monk in S.Maria di Cadossa Benedictine Monastery (now St. Conus sanctuary) near Montesano sulla Marcellana. He died very young in the early years of the XIII century with a reputation for holiness. When Cadossa monastery was closed his relics were returned to Diano in 1261, where he is venerated as its patron saint. There is a great sanctuary for him in Uruguay too[1].

The Saint was canonized on April 27, 1871 by Pope Pius IX. The feast is celebrated on June 3. Celebrations in his honor are celebrated in Florida, Uruguay, Teggiano, Buenos Aires, New York, San Mauro Pascoli, and San Cono di Cessaniti.


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