The Saint Bernhard Nunnery (Stift Sankt Bernhard) is a former Cistercian nunnery in Sankt Bernhard-Frauenhofen in Lower Austria.


In 1277, the Cistercian nunnery from Neumelon was relocated onto land in Chrueg im Pewreich am Teffenbach (modern-day St. Bernhard) which Stephan von Maissau had donated for this purpose. He was married to Margarete von Neuhaus, a member of the Hradec noble family, whose sister was the abbottess of the Saint Bernhard Nunnery in 1285.

The nunnery was dissolved in 1580 in the course of the Reformation and in 1586, the building and its grounds were granted to the Jesuit college in Vienna. After the college was in turn dissolved in 1773, the nunnery belonged to various owners and began to decay, until it came into the possession of the Klosterneuburg Monastery in 1852 following the death of the Freiherr von Ehrenfels. In 1947, the nunnery church was renovated and in 1961 the chapter house along with the remains of the cloister were removed to the Klosterneuburg Monastery.

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Coordinates: 48°41′07″N 15°35′42″E / 48.68528°N 15.595°E / 48.68528; 15.595


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