The Ava Bridge on the Irwaddy
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Coordinates: 21°52′56″N 95°58′43″E / 21.88222°N 95.97861°E / 21.88222; 95.97861
Country Burma
Admin. division Sagaing Division
 - Mayor
Population (2005)
 - Religions Buddhism

Sagaing (Burmese: စစ်ကိုင်းမြို့; MLCTS: sac kuing: mrui.; population estimate 300,000) is the chief city and capital of Sagaing Division in Myanmar. It is located on the Ayeyarwady River, 20 km to the southwest of Mandalay on the opposite bank of the river.

Sagaing is a religious and monastic center, with numerous Buddhist monasteries. The pagodas and monasteries crowd the numerous hills along the ridge running parallel to the river. The central pagoda, Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda, is connected by a set of covered staircases that run up the 240m hill.

Founded by King Athinkhaya Saw Yun in 1315, not long after the fall of Bagan, the city served as the capital for 50 years. Sagaing briefly regained the position of royal capital again from 1760-1764.

The British-built 16 span Ava Bridge connects Sagaing with Mandalay. Tourists frequently visit Sagaing as a day trip.

The city is home to the Sagaing Institute of Education and the Sagaing Education College.


Ayeyarwady River from Sagaing Hill, Sagaing



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