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We have discover from this Hadith that we as a muslim must attempt and at least be take part to make Qurbani with our own hands. If the Prophet of ALLAH (PBUH) can sacrifice by his own blessed hands at the age of 60, why can’t we observe in his actions?

Animals for Qurbani

All the permissible "halaal" experienced or reared quadrupeds can be offered for Qurbani. Commonly, slaughter of goats, rams, sheep, camels, and cows are presented. All animals are should well-fed, healthy and balanced, not crippled and non-pregnant. For the other small’s animals goats, rams, sheep less than one year old except if the sheep is so healthy and weight that it looks to be a one year old

In the order of Cows for Qurbani must be an animal at the age of two years, in order to the Camels it should more than five years old.

It is recommended to buy the Qurbani animal a several days before to slaughtering in order to develop up some form of attachment and connection with the animal by having care of it .

Animal for Qurbani will not be to be capable if its have defected one eyed, one eyed, or sightless, or has missing an approximated one third or more of its vision, or approximated one 3rd or additional of its tail, or the ear has become cut off or it is boring or its bone fragments have no marrow or it has no ability to hear by beginning or its horns have been broken from their roots, or it has no tooth at all.

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