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In Egyptian mythology, Saa (also spelt Sia) was the deification of wisdom, which is what his name means, in the Ennead cosmogeny. Due to the connection between wisdom and writing, Saa was often shown holding a papyrus, the plant from which a form of writing paper was constructed. As the concept of wisdom, Saa was often invoked to protect the heart (which the Egyptians believed was a recorder of actions) in the underworld.

It was later said that Atum split this aspect from himself by extracting blood from, or cutting, his own penis and turning it into Saa and Hu, the deification of the word of creation. The more expansive concept of the two, this gruesome birth lead Saa often to be invoked, to protect the genitals of the dead.

When Atum and Ra were later identified as each other, becoming Atum-Ra, Saa became also the offspring of Ra, in which capacity he is more frequently mentioned.

Hieroglyph: Saa

Saa (hieroglyph) was also used to represent "to Know", to be cognizant. The standing god Saa appeared on some Solar barges, at the front, for example, 3 standing gods front, 3 standing gods rear. Above their head appeared the hieroglyph, the representation to define that god. In this case each of the gods was identified, and had a purpose in serving the barge and the pharaoh. Saa was able to see, and "Know", the way.

In the Rosetta Stone-(Ptolemy V), as well as the Decree of Canopus-(Ptolemy III), just preceding the 3-script texts of ciphering the Rosetta Stone:

...and so 'all the people of Egypt' will be aware-("Know"), [we] will inscribe in stone hard, on a (vertical slab)(stele), in Script 1–(Hieroglyphs), in 2–(Demotic (Egyptian))-(written hieroglyphs), and in Script 3–the "writing of the Greeks", and erect in the courtyard of temples of order I, II, and III,.... to honor Ptolemy V...."

The seated 'man' with the symbol above his head is referring to the God Saa, but in the literature usage to mean "to know".

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