SGGS on Ghosts and Demons

1.Page 289..SGGS "Saar BHOOT seh Har ka nao sehaj subhai nanak gun gao.....

Here "BHOOT" is used for MATERIAL THINGS

2.Page 1202 SGGS "Kart buraee manas te chhapaee, Sathi BHOOT bhavaan"...


3. Page 714 SGGS "Bhasma bhoot hoa khin bheetr Keea aapna paiya.."


4. Page 839 SGGS " Panchmee panch BHOOT betala, aap agochar purakh nirala"

Here BHOOT is Panch tatt Five Tatts

5. Page 1031 SGGS. " Dundar dhoot Bhoot bhehaleh,khinchotan kareh bheetaleh."

Here BHOOT is used for VISHA VIKAARS

6. Page 513 SGGS " Maiya moh PRET hai, Kaam Krodh hankaara.."

Here BHOOT PRET is MAYA..kaam, krodh,,hankaar

7. Page 890 SGGS. " Pasu pret mugadh te bureetiseh na bujheh jin eh siree..."


8. Page 224 SGGS. "Kar kirpa rakhoh ravaleh..bin bujheh pasu paiyeah betaleh.."


9. Page 311 SGGS.." Sach sacha jineh na sevaiah se MANMUKH moorrh BETaleh.."

here the MANMUKH is the BHOOT

10. Page 149.SGGS " Navoh bhoolah jag phireh betalia.."

Here the WORLD is BHOOT

11. Page 556 SGGS ." kali andhar nanaka jinah da autaar..PUTT jnoora dhee janoree Joru jinah da sikdaar..

Here the FAMILY is BHOOT

12. Page 1374 SGGS " Kabir ja ghar saadh na seviah...Har kee seva ghar marthakh sarkheh BHOOT baseh tin maheh...

People WITHOUT any GUNN...are like "Houses with BHOOTS"

13. Page 802 SGGS.."Pasu pret mugadh ko tareh pahan paar utareh.. nanak dass teri sarnaii sada sada balihareh..

.Here GURU has the ability to Make "BHOOTS" ( those without Gunn, Knowledge etc) into GOOD HUMAN BEINGS

14. Page323 SGGS.." Pretoh kettan devta tin karneh hareh.. sabhe SIKH swarean Prabh kaaj swareh.."

Guru has the ability to make 

Bhoot like Bad Human Beings into GOOD Angel like Devtas

15. Page 706.SGGS " Har bhagat bhav heenangNanak PRABH bisrteh preteh..."

PRET is one who has forgotten Name of GOD

Only Prof sahib Singh ji in His Guru Garanth Darpan has done justice to Gurbani aarths...all others have doen these arrths by remaining firmly TIED DOWN to Brahminic/Vedic Thoughts and Rituals..and our so callaed DERAWADEE SANTS and SAADHS and even Taksali Gyanis are lakeer de fkeer..makee te makhee maree jaan walleh..who mindlessly keep repeating these "bhoot bhoot" when GURBANI is s ayign the Direct OPPOSITE of what they preach...and keep pushing the unwary sikh towards the deep

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