Sölden Priory was a Cluniac nunnery founded in 1115 at Sölden in the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald in the Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


In about 1087 Ulrich of Zell founded Bollschweil Priory, a Cluniac nunnery, which was moved in 1115 to nearby Sölden and became Sölden Priory. This foundation was a complement to the monastery he had founded at Grüningen and later moved to Zell, afterwards known as Sankt Ulrich im Schwarzwald.

Sölden was a priory directly subject to Cluny. The community consisted of approximately 13 to 20 nuns under a prior or provost appointed by Cluny. The nunnery declined so severely in the 15th century that about 1500 there were no nuns left here. The administration of the priory or provostry was conducted at first by St. Georgen im Schwarzwald from about 1546 and then transferred in 1560 to St. Peter's Abbey in the Black Forest, into which it was incorporated in 1598.

The priory was dissolved in 1807 in the course of secularisation.

Territory and buildings

Sölden's estates were not extensive and were concentrated in the Breisgau. The Vogtei belonged to the priory of St. Ulrich im Schwarzwald.

Of the monastic buildings still remaining, the oldest portions date from the 15th century. Much refurbishment took place in the Baroque period.

Priors or Provosts of Sölden

  • Rudolf Ecklin (1514-1541)
  • Johann Maternus Roth (1570, 1580)
  • Christoph Sutter (1581)
  • Gallus Vögelin (1596)
  • Michael Stöcklin (1597)
  • Johann Jakob Pfeiffer (vor 1601-1610)
  • Johannes Schwab (1612, 1635?)
  • Matthäus Welzenmüller (1624?-1637)
  • Johann Baptist Heinold (1672, -1692)
  • Placidus Steiger (1692-1705)
  • Ulrich Bürgi (1705-1712)
  • Gregor Gerwig (1712, 1716)
  • Heinrich Füegl (1718)
  • Aemilian Kaufmann (1723, 1730)
  • Cajetan Hildtprandt (1744, 1746)
  • Franz Dreer (1756)
  • Ulrich van der Lew (1776-1786)
  • Paul Hendinger (1786-1807)


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