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Ryū Ōta (太田 龍 [太田 竜] Japanese: Ōta Ryū?, b. August 16, 1930, Sakhalin) is a Japanese New Left activist, author, and ecologist. His name is spelled "Ryu Ohta" as well.

He was born as Tōichi Kurihara (栗原 登一) in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin. In October 1945, He joined the Democratic Youth League of Japan. In 1947, he joined the Japanese Communist Party.

In 1953, he left the Japanese Communist Party. In 1955, he and Kanichi Kuroda established the Japan Revolutionary Communist League, thus becoming leader of the Fourth International in Japan. In 1957, he established the Japanese Trotskyist League (日本トロツキスト連盟 Nihon Trotskyist Renmei).

In 1970, he was sentenced to death by his ex-fellow members for leaving the Japanese Trotskyist League.

In 1986, he established the Japanese Green Party. Since 1986, he has been a candidate in three elections.

In the 1990s he became known as one of the principal publishers of antisemitic materials and Jewish conspiracy theories in Japan, as well as controversial writings on the destructive effects of Westernisation, including the aesthetic and moral superiority of Japanese women over Western women.[1] He is also a self-styled Buddhist philosopher.

He is now the leader of the following associations:

  • The Natural Life Academy (天寿学会, Tenju Gakkai)
  • The Civilization Critic Academy (文明批判学会, Bunmei Hihan Gakkai)
  • The Institute for Historical Verification (歴史修正研究所, Rekishi Shūsei Kenkyūjo)
  • The Institute for Universal Strategy (宇宙戦略研究所, Uchū Senryaku Kenkyūjo)
  • The Earth Restoration League (地球維新連盟, Chukyū Ishin Renmei)


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