Abbot Ryan St. Anne Scott, OSB (1953 -), born Randell Dean Stocks, is a traditionalist Catholic priest currently living in Galesburg, Illinois. In August 2003 he converted a former nursing home into Holy Rosary Abbey, an independent Benedictine monastery.[1][2] Ryan St. Anne Scott belongs to a Catholic movement that does not recognize the changes that took place in the Roman Catholic Church following Vatican II, such as the elimination of the Latin Mass. The members of the Abbey are like-minded traditionalist Catholics.

Bishops in several Catholic dioceses across the Midwestern United States have warned Catholics that they do not recognize Scott as a Catholic priest and have advised "the faithful" not to attend masses he performs or to receive sacraments from him.[1] Bishops in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, Illinois, the Catholic Diocese of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and the Diocese of Bismarck, North Dakota, among others, have issued warnings against Scott in the past decade.[1] Scott indicated in 2005 that he answers to "Eternal Rome" and not to the current Pope.[1]


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