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Rukne Yamani is the crack in the holy kaaba where Ali was born.

The story of Ali's birth in rukne yamani

Fatimah binte asad, the mother of Ali, was in labour pains. She went up to the Kaaba and said:

"Oh God, I have firm faith in you, the prophets, the books sent down by you, and the speech of my grandfather- the builder of this house. Oh God, for the sake of this child in my womb, make the birth of this child easy." An instant later, the south-east wall of the kaaba opened. Fatimah binte asad entered this crack and the crack then closed.She was the guest of Allah for 3 days in the holiest ever place and then gave birth to her child- Ali. This was on the 13th Rajab. She came out of the kaaba and Mohammad met her and said: "I heard a message from the unseen to call him Ali."

This crack in the kaaba is still there on this very day.

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