"Anything worth doing takes time to prepare for. Don't rush the season of pruning the Lord will bring you through in preparation for His ministry so He may use you mightily" - Ron Piggott
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Firstname Lastname is a Canadian Christian involved in acting, dance, film, music, new media, news, publishing, radio, television, theatre, visual arts and writing ministry in Canada.

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Media Service

Ron Piggott serves the Internet community with Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism, an online ministry focusing on evangelism and discipleship. His ministry offers a popular Verse of the Day E-Mail List. As well his ministry will begin producing a quarterly magazine in 2009 named Words From The Well.


Ron Piggott can be contacted via:

Christian Testimony

Ron Piggott became a Christian in June 1992.

Media Career Tips

Ron Piggott recommends that you allow others to mentor and speak into your ministry. The Lord will confirm your vision through those around you. As time passes you will be able to "fine tune" the advise given to you, as you trust those who are guiding you through the process.

How to Help Ron Piggott

When Ron was three years old he had Legg Perthes Calves Disease. At age five after conservative treatment failed Ron's left hip was rebuilt. This surgery reached it's life expectancy in the fall of 2006, at age 29. At the present time Ron is enduring a series of corrective surgeries to both hips. Please pray for the Lord's presence as Ron works through this season of His life with his Lord being near to him. Ron talks about his journey back to health in his blog.

Do you have a new web site, online event or project you need to get "get the word out"? A unique way to both support Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism and share your vision is by creating a Verse of the Day E-Mail Sponsorship Advertisement.

Worth Quoting from Ron Piggott

Ron Piggott made the following significant quotations:

  • "Anything worth doing takes time to prepare for. Don't rush the season of pruning the Lord will bring you through in preparation for His ministry so He may use you mightily." -Ron Piggott , date (April 10th 2009)

Accolades For Ron Piggott

"I first heard of Ron (via my future wife Laurie-Ann) as a pastor (he referred to himself as Pastor Ron on his web site) who was a wiz at html coding. I asked him to help with footnote linking for a large thesis written by L-A that I had posted. He did a great job. At that time I assumed he was in his mature middle ages, judging by the quality of his site. He is still way ahead in the programming skills department. He turned out to be in his early 20's. Ron is way above his physical age in Christian maturity. He is truly a biblical Christian, not a cultural Christian (see The Man in the Mirror, by Patrick Morley).

Always wearing a smile, he is one of the most encouraging people I know. Currently weighed down by serious hip problems, hopefully on the mend, he has been able to handle severe continuous pain in his body while continuing to minister to seekers and new Christians world wide via his ministry Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism.

World, watch out for Pastor Ron. He's just at the start of his ministry and has already won more souls for Christ than many bishops. I am honoured to be his friend."

Tony Copple, November 11, 2007



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