Romuald Traugutt

Romuald Traugutt (16 January 1826 - 5 August 1864) was a Polish general and war hero, best known for commanding the January Uprising. From October 1863 to August 1864 he was Dictator of Insurrection, since October 17, 1863 to April 20, 1864 he was a head of Polish National Government, and president of its Foreign Affairs Office.

Before the uprising he was a Lt. Colonel (podpułkownik) in the Russian Empire's army. He then resigned his commission and became leader of the rebel forces by October 1863.

After the uprising, he was sentenced to death by the Russian regime and hanged near the Warsaw Citadel on 5 August 1864, aged 38, together with other rebel commanders (Rafał Krajewski, Józef Toczyski, Roman Żuliński and Jan Jeziorański). The Roman Catholic Church is considering his beatification due to his overwhelming devotion to God and his sacrifice for his homeland.

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