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Rome (Italian Roma) is the capital city of Italy, as well as its most populous city. Rome is located on the western side of the Italian Peninsula, on the east of the Tiber River. The total population of Rome is approximately 2.8 million. The territory of the independent state of the Vatican is entirely contained within Rome. It is the third most-visited tourist destination in the EU. [1]


Rome is best known as the capital of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire, and was quite possibly the most important city in the world during the Pax Romana.



Famous buildings in Rome include the Colosseum, Saint Peter's Basilica, and the Pantheon. Rome has more fountains than any other city in the world.

The Christian churches in Rome are several hundred and their history is intertwined with the history of religious, social and artistic city. The most imporant are: the church of San Giovanni in Laterano, the basilic of San Paolo and the Basilic of Saint Paul Outside the Walls and the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Of all the Rome City fountains, the Trevi Fountain is by far the most famous. With its impressive statue of Triton in all of his glory, one would be shocked to learn that a Pope actually commissioned this great piece of art. Clement XII wanted to rebuild the area in which the fountain is now in, and the fountain alone took over thirty years to finish. It is a breathtaking site that still holds visitors in awe of the fusion of marble and art. (Source:

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