The Eparchy of St George's in Canton is a Romanian Catholic eparchy based in Canton, Ohio, USA. The current eparch is John Michael Botean. The eparchy's cathedral church is St George's Cathedral, Canton, Ohio. The boundaries of the eparchy stretch across the continental United States. The easternmost presence is a mission in Boston, MA and the westernmost is a mission in Los Angeles, CA.

History of the eparchy

The eparchy was previously an apostolic exarchate which was established by His Holiness Pope John Paul II in 1982 in order to formally organize the Romanian Catholic parishes that had long existed in the US under many different Roman Rite dioceses. However, in 1987, the apostolic exarchate for Romanian Catholics in America was promoted to the status of an eparchy. The eparchy is the only diocese of the Romanian Catholic Church outside Romania.

In 2005, Holy Resurrection Monastery was transferred from the Ruthenian Catholic Church to the eparchy at the request of the monks and with the consent of the Holy See. Around the same time Bishop John Michael blessed the canonical establishment of Holy Theophany Monastery as a monastic community of nuns canonically dependent on Holy Resurrection.

Current events

The last weekend of June 2009 will see a meeting of the eparchial assembly in Trenton, NJ. The same weekend will see the 100th anniversary of the local parish there, St. Basil's.


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