Coordinates: 36°53′28″N 15°4′9″E / 36.89111°N 15.06917°E / 36.89111; 15.06917

Diocese of Noto
Dioecesis Netensis
Country: Italy
Ecclesiastical province: Siracusa
Metropolitan: Siracusa
Rite: Latin
Area: 1,355 km²

213 000
211 000 (99.06%)
Cathedral: Cathedral of San Nicolò di Mira
Bishop: Antonio Staglianò

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Noto is an ecclesiastical territory or diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy .It is a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Siracusa. Monsignor Antonio Staglianò is the current bishop of the Diocese of Noto.


The diocese was canonically erected on May 15, 1844 by Pope Pius IX, separating it from the Archdiocese of Syracuse, of which Noto is suffragan.


The diocese is located in the Province of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy.


List of Recent Archbishops

Incumbent Term Start Term Finish Notes
Benedetto Lavecchia Cuarnieri O.F.M 23 February 1872 5 July 1875 Appointed, Archbishop of Siracusa
5 July 1875 1913 Died
Giuseppe Vizzini 19 August 1913 8 December 1935 Died
Angelo Calabretta 16 July 1936 27 June 1970 Resigned
Salvatore Nicolosi 27 June 1970 19 June 1998 Retired
Giuseppe Malandrino 19 June 1998 16 July 2007 Retired
Mariano Crociata 16 July 2007 26 September 2008 Resigned, Appointed Secretary-General of the CEI
Antonio Staglianò 22 January 2009


As of 16 July 2007 there are 105 priests, 15 permanent deacons and 249 religious in the archdiocese. [1]


  1. Vatican Information Service July 16, 2007

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The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XI. Published 1911. New York: Robert Appleton Company

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