Archdiocese of Utrecht
Archidioecesis Ultraiectensis
Catharijnekerk Utrecht

Saint Catherine's Cathedral in Utrecht

Basic information
Location Netherlands[1]
Territory Parts of the provinces Utrecht, Overijssel, Gelderland, and Flevoland[1]
Population 829,184 Catholics as of end 2004[2]
Area 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi)[2]
Rite Latin Rite[2]
Patron Saint Willibrord
Established 4 March 1853[2]
Cathedral Saint Catherine's Cathedral[3]
Bishop Archbishop[2]
Current leadership
Pope Pope Benedict XVI
Metropolitan Archbishop Wim Eijk[4]
Emeritus bishops Cardinal Ad Simonis[5]

The location of the Archdiocese of Utrecht in the Netherlands

The Archdiocese of Utrecht (Latin: Archidioecesis Ultraiectensis) is an archdiocese of the Catholic church in the Netherlands. The archdiocese is the metropolitan for 6 suffragans, the dioceses of Breda, Groningen-Leeuwarden, Haarlem-Amsterdam, Roermond, Rotterdam, and 's-Hertogenbosch.


Bishops until Protestant Reformation


Apostolic Vicars of the Dutch Mission

Archbishops in partibus and Apostolic Vicars, in Utrecht

Pro-Apostolic Vicars

in Brussels:

in Münster and Amsterdam:

in The Hague:

Old-Catholic archbishops who notified their election to the Pope

None were recognized by the Apostolic See as legitimate. At every notification, the popes' Roman Curia would send an official decree of excommunication and schism.

For more information on the Old-Catholic hierarchy, see main article.

Roman Catholic archbishops after Restoration of the Episcopal Hierarchy

See also


Archdiocese of Utrecht statistics

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Coordinates: 52°05′15″N 5°07′27″E / 52.0875°N 5.12417°E / 52.0875; 5.12417

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