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The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta is the Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. As a metropolitan bishop, the archbishop oversees the entire Ecclesiastical Province of Atlanta which spands the states of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, and consists of the dioceses of Charleston, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Savannah. The archbishop's seat is located in the Cathedral of Christ the King. The archdiocese is currently led by Wilton D. Gregory, who was installed as the seventh bishop and sixth archbishop of Atlanta on 17 January 2005. He previously served as Bishop of Belleville in Illinois.

List of Archbishops of Atlanta

Francis Edward Hyland(Bishop*, 1956-1962)
Paul John Hallinan(1962-1968)
Thomas Andrew Donnellan(1968-1987)
Eugene Antonio Marino(1988-1990)
James Patterson Lyke(1991-1992)
John Francis Donoghue(1993-2004)
Wilton Daniel Gregory(2005-present)

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