Rockhurst High School
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City: Kansas City, Missouri
Country: United States
General Information
Type: Secondary school
Founded: 1914
Tuition/fees: $9,445
Address & Contact Information
Address: 9301 State Line Road
City: Kansas City
State/Province: Missouri
Postal code: 64114-3299
Country: United States

Rockhurst High School is a Jesuit high school located in the United States in Kansas City, Missouri. It is located in the Missouri Province of the Society of Jesus and was founded in 1910. Rockhurst is part of a network of 47 other Jesuit high schools in the United States seeking to educate young men- and, in some instances, young women-for-others, tomorrow’s leaders. The school was officially chartered by the state of Missouri on August 30, 1910. Four years later, on the morning of September 15, 1914, forty-two students enrolled in the freshman and sophomore classes at the new school. Greeted by three Jesuit faculty members, they became the first of thousands of young men to be educated at Rockhurst, the first of whom graduated in 1917.

Vision Statement

Rockhurst High School will be sought out and recognized for its ability to educate men-for-others. Rockhurst High School will, in the Jesuit tradition, foster lifelong friendships based on enduring principles and Ignatian values. It will be nationally and locally recognized as the best value-added education because of its success in developing community leaders for an increasingly diverse world.

Mission Statement

Rockhurst High School serves the greater Kansas City area by educating Ignatian leaders, MEN FOR OTHERS, in the Roman Catholic, Jesuit college preparatory tradition.

In the spirit of Saint Ignatius Loyola, its goal is the formation of the whole person within a diverse and disciplined environment, as one who is open to growth, strives for academic excellence, is religious, loving and committed to justice through service.

Athletics at Rockhurst are a huge part of its tradition. Rockhurst won four state championships in 2005, 2006 and 2007, and three state championships in 1976, 1998, 1999, and 2000. Its record for placings in a single year is 2007, with seven. Also, in 1987, Rockhurst became the only institution in the history of Missouri high school athletics to win a football and basketball state championship in the same year.

Contact Information

9301 State Line Road; Kansas City, Missouri 64114-3299.

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