285px-The remains of Robinson's Arch on the western side of the Temple Mount

The remains of Robinson's arch

Robinson's Arch is the name given to an arch that once stood at the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It was built during the time when King Herod refurbished the Second Temple on a much grander scale.

It is named after Biblical scholar Edward Robinson who discovered its remains in 1838.


At the end of the 1st century BCE, when King Herod refurbished the Second Temple. The arch was built as part of the Temple Mount's massive western retaining wall. Upon construction, the huge stairway stood at around 49ft with a width of 50f
240px-Reconstruction model of Ancient Jerusalem in Museum of David Castle

Proposed reconstruction of Robinson's Arch


In 66 CE, the Jewish people rebelled against the Romans, who had ruled Israel for many years. In 70 CE, after three years of fighting against Rome, the Temple of Herod was destroyed by the Romans, and most of Jerusalem's Jewish population were exiled from the city. Robinson's Arch was also destroyed, along with the Temple, when a Roman soldier threw a buring torch into the building.

Today, Robinson's Arch along with the Western Wall, is considered to be very holy by Jews.

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