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Robert White is a Canadian Christian involved in news, publishing, radio and writing ministry in Canada.

Robert White serves as editor of ChristianWeek Ontario.

Media Service

Robert White has held reporting and editing positions with weekly newspapers in and around the Edmonton, Alberta area and has freelanced news, feature and cover-story articles publications such as Faith Today, the Edmonton Sun, the Edmonton journal and Alberta Report. He presently serves as editor of ChristianWeek Ontario.

While a lay leader in The Salvation Army, White contributed to its publications: feature articles, a doctrinal and worship series and a monthly column for The War Cry and Horizons.

He has published history two books: Marching Along! and The Mac, (a finalist in the 1996 City of Edmonton Book Prize competition). He also submitted a chapter, "With Hand to Man" for Discipleship Vision and Mission published by the Salvation Army.

An accomplished public speaker. White has shared his love for writing at a number of writers' conferences.

He is also the host of Faith Journal a half hour, live newsmagazine each Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 12 noon on Faith FM 94.3 in Kitchener, ON.

His publications include:

  • A Matter Of Faith. Quail Communications. 1998. ISBN: 0-9683536-0-6


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