Saint Rimbert or Rembert (born 830 in Flanders, died 11 June 888 in Bremen) was archbishop of Bremen-Hamburg from 865 until his death.

A monk in Turholt (Torhout), he shared a missionary trip to Scandinavia with his friend Ansgar, whom he later succeeded as archbishop in Hamburg-Bremen in 865.[1] He also wrote a biography about Ansgar, Vita Ansgari.

Rimbert is revered as a saint particularly in Friesland. His feast day is 4 February. After Ansgar, epithetised the Apostle of the North, Rimbert is revered as the Second Apostle of the North, besides the missionary Sigfrid of Sweden and the Reformator Johannes Bugenhagen likewise honoured.[2]


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Born: around 830 in Flanders Died: 11 June 888 in Bremen
Religious titles
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Archbishop of Bremen-Hamburg
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