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Religious bigotry is simply present within most personalities in the area of religious belief. According to the famed Harvard Psychologist Gordon W. Allport:

Religion is touchy ground in the personality, for in probing it we not infrequently run into a kind of deep-seated bigotry. The point can be illustrated with the story about a hard-bitten Baptist who was vilonently anti-Catholic. One day he felt ill and went to see his physician. The doctor told him reluctantly that he hadn't long to live. The man went home to think over the startling news. After a time he returned and asked, "Doctor, how much longer do you think I'll live?"

The doctor said that he didn't know, but maybe only a month or two.

"Well," said the patient, "in that case I have only one desire—I want to become a Roman Catholic."

The physician was surprised since he knew the man's prejudice. He said, "Well, perhaps it can be arranged. But will you kindly tell me why you want to become a Roman Catholic?"

The man said, "Because I'd a lot rather one of them would die than one of us." His religion, like that of many [of us], is badly blended with prejudice.[1]

  1. The Student Seeks An Answer: Ingraham Lectures in Philosophy and Religion at Colby College 1951-1959, John A. Clark (Ed.), Colby Collge Press, Waterville, Maine, 1960

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